Gale Terrace

Back to main page.Gale Terrace is the name of the setting for the campaign of the same name.


Gale Terrace is an enormous Valley that spans for hundreds of miles. the plateau lips on both sides range from 40-50 apart to, in some areas, as little as a couple of miles apart. The entirety of the land is covered in dense primordial forestry, Uninviting rivers, and the rare barely tame settlements. Roads are unheard of, as the elements don’t allow it. Travelers instead hire Well versed guides to lead the way of barely noticeable trails which no person in his right mind would travel alone. For Nature is a force to be rightfully feared. It shapes and arms her lands protectively. Every day is a constant push against her flow. Usually in the form of hostile storms, beastly creatures, And strong primal magic. Forest seems to warp trails to lure inexperienced travelers into death traps. Amidst countless other danger that wait at every bend of the makeshift trails. It is survival of the fittest here. That is the ultimate law in Gale Terrace.


Although Gale Terrace homes a diverse and unique set of races and creatures, some have learned to live with the Feywild(ether by force or submissively) Well.

Elves – The undisputed masters of the trek. They make up the majority of the scouts and trail blazers. Elves probably know the landscape better that any other denizens of Gale Terrace. Elves rarely choose to live in settlements preferring to be nomadic to better learn the lands. although settled elves are not unheard of. Elves can worship any deity in the Pantheon.

Eladrin – Being natives to the feywild ,Eladrin have awed at the wonder of the Gale Terrace since they first set peered at her from their homeland. The God’s speak to them and allow them to remain in their land without harm under the condition that they fight back the warp. They control the biggest city in the land.

Points of interests

Like the ancient greeks in Gale Terrace each city and settlement usually adopts a patron(or matron) God for that city from the pantheon.

Gale Terrace

Gale Terrace RyanCannon