Simply mother & father(represents the cosmos and the heavens)Felt the infinite was bleak and lonely. They wanted to share their gift of knowledge. They created the plane of the ancients and poured from a bowl all that an immortal of their immense caliber has to offer. Something went terribly wrong. The exact thing that upset mother & father so is unknown even among the Gods to this day. but it is known is that the gods were created very shortly after, with only one command – Let nature rule and let there be no other force stronger. Thus the first sibling were breathed into life. with mother & father mysteriously leaving without reason, The siblings began their work, soon creating offspring of their own. These children often make their presence most known.

The Siblings


spring *female *life *fertility *The hunt *Growth *healing *parties *water


leader of the pantheon summer *knowledge *technology *Male *earth


Autumn War *weaponry *blood *art in all forms(martial,music,poetry,painting, etc.) *male *fire


winter *female *Death *temptation *snow,ice,cold *wind


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