Session one


Players are in a small village named Marrow’s End located in the southern tip of Gale Terrace. Most houses are made of strong enormous tree vines, and the village as a whole is less battered by the chaotic elements of nature. It is mid summer and time for the Matrons Run festival, which celebrates the day the moon moves closest to the plane. The characters are trained fledgling adventurers amid the town, drinking and smoking Calooto herb. As the hour of fresh night approaches, it is accustomed to stop and stare at the moon before taking trance inducing plants and releasing themselves to the wild. Tonight, however, something much different occurs. As the hour came the moon began to undergo an eclipse. An event unheard of since the history of the plane. A wonder as well since no other celestial body can possibly come between the moon and the plane. As the adventures collectively stare at the phenomenon, yet another occurs. Brightly lit Talismatic tattoos appear up and down both arms of the adventurers. The pain as well as the lights these tribal markings created were both equally staggering. you all notice the villagers begin to focus their attention upon the four of you before the pain takes you all. You all begin to black out , but not before noticing the eclipse cease its shadow over the moon.

The players awaken in the chambers of the village Shaman, who is tending their wounds. It is apparent that the day has arrived. Takala The shaman is an elf born in the wild. She talks to the adventurers that the nature spirits have spoken of their situation. In essence the adventures must seek advise from Grandfather oak. The eldest of the tree-folk. Living since the planes first conception. He must translate the unknown markings to learn of their meaning. Failure to do so will cause pain, disfigurment, and even death. While succeeding in this task will come with great rewards. She warns that something unknown has caused grandfather oak to grow mad, you will have to solve this problem to gain his audience. To enter the temple that lays inside of grandfather oak, an offering of freshly hunted game is required.

Quest #1.

  • 1. travel to grandfather oak
  • 2. hunt a wild animal for an offering
  • 3. enter dungeon one defeat the fell taints. then exit
  • 4. see a cosmic horror.
  • 5. be saved by grandfather oak
  • 6. speak with the now healed G.O. Who tells you of the warp. The trees can communicate and it is said that an encroaching death approaches. The gods can no longer intervene and the world has become increasingly dangerous. go find The Ehn’ly’en Outriders. Who will spread awareness of this and show you The cursed lands. So you may stop the warp once and for all.
  • 7. Begin to travel to Ehn’ly’en

Points of interest

in marrow’s end. *Shaman’s temple – akala *A weapon/armor smith – Grimi gnome *Guide hireling depot – madam ry’eh *simple drinking/herb tavern

Session one

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